As a tutor, my primary goal is for you to understand what you’re doing. After a free interview, during which we discuss your specific needs and goals, I will plan lessons and instructional activities that will help you to understand the math you’re dealing with, which will in turn enable you to work faster and with confidence. I am a certified teacher with a K-8 math endorsement  (in addition to my years working with a wide range of ages and skills, as well as providing teacher training in math).

I use whatever means necessary (within legal and ethical boundaries :)) to help you understand. For example, we might draw some different models and pictures, or create a story situation for the problem; we might break up the numbers different ways; we might use tools and models such a number line or an array; we might write equations; we might even use concrete objects such as blocks or tiles–whatever we do, it will have the purpose of making sense to you. Math is supposed to make sense.


My base rate is $25 for a 1-hour session. After discussing your specific situation, I can give you a detailed estimate.


I always have a free 30-minute interview to make sure that we are good fit. After that, payment is required for the first month of sessions. This is a trial period for us to see if my services are truly helpful for you. If, at the end of the first month, we will discuss whether or not tutoring is still needed.

Payment is due for the entire month prior to the beginning of the month. I am not flexible on this point, and I do charge a 10% late fee.

However, I am extremely flexible in other ways. I do not charge a flat monthly fee. I only charge you for sessions that you will be receiving. Some months may have 4 sessions, others only 3, depending on your schedule or mine. Before the month begins, I confirm with you how many sessions we will be having for the following month and bill you accordingly. This allows you to only pay for what you think you will need.

In case of an unforeseen scheduling conflict and you are unable to meet when you had planned to, I try very hard to reschedule it (but I do not refund payment in that case). The only exceptions would be if you are sick, because I don’t want you to get me sick. In the event of sickness, and we are not able to reschedule, I will take that lesson of your next month’s bill, or refund you if sessions are terminating.

In the case of your tardiness, I will gladly begin a session even though you are tardy, and if possible will work with you for the entire paid-for time. However, you must also understand that I cannot allow your tardiness to make me late for another engagement, and I may have to stop the session at the predetermined time in order to honor my other time requirements. I do not charge any extra fees, however.

In the case of my own absence, I take 1.5 sessions of your next bill, and for tardiness (of more than 5 minutes) I take off 0.5 (half) of a session.

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