Satisfied Clients

I will be happy to provide references upon request. Here are some satisfied clients’ comments:

Piano Lessons

 “Jeff is a natural teacher that tailors his teaching to meet his students needs and interests.”

“My three kids have been taking lessons from Jeff for nearly 2 years. They range in age from elementary, to middle, to high school and I can honestly say Jeff really knows how to inspire students! He involves them in choosing music they like. They even have composed their own pieces. Combining these elements with Jeff’s kind, calm demeanor make piano lessons something my kids look forward to each week.”

“In the 3 years that my 7 year old daughter has been studying piano with 3 different teachers, Mr. Jeff Requadt is the only one that has been teaching her from about 5 or 6 different books at the same time. Also, Mr. Requadt gives her more challenging material every class, and gives her music quizzes to make sure she continues progressing. Also, he gives her material to play and learn that is fun for her. The price that Mr. Requadt charges is the same as the prior teachers, so with Mr. Requadt I get more benefits. Jeff has a lot of resources that he uses to keep my daughter interested in learning more. He comes to our house when I need it, and that is very convenient for me.”

 Wedding Music

 “The comment I hear most often about my wedding is that the ‘music was some of the prettiest I have ever heard at a wedding.’ As the pianist, Jeff was the one that really made that happen, holding the string trio together and bolstering the singers. He even transposed some of the music for various instruments with his music software.”

“We were so glad to have had Jeff play at our wedding! He loves what he does and that spills over into the event. He was a pleasure to work with and I would absolutely recommend him for anyone wanting a touch of the personal in their wedding music.”

 “Jeff did an amazing job playing at my wedding. We received nothing but compliments by everyone that attended that the music was beautiful.”

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