Recommended Resources

Here are the books and resources that I use with my students.

  • Piano Pronto
  • Pattern Play
  • Purrfect Practice

Piano Pronto

I use Piano Pronto for several reasons.

  1. The method books are structured anthologies of “real” music; most of the pieces are well-known folk songs or arrangements of public domain classical music. There is very little contrived music that is written purposefully for some instructional reason.
  2. The method books have very little in the way of telling you how to do something. This is left up to the teacher. Most of the pieces in the method books have a preparation page.
  3. The method books have a very clean layout and avoid a “cutesy” look. This makes them useful for a wide variety of students. The method includes materials designed for children of preschool age as well as older. I have used this method successfully with small children, older children, teenagers, and adults. Most of my students enjoy the arrangements, which means they practice more, which means they improve.
  4. The duets are very well written and not boring. I find many teacher duets in other methods to be rather boring. Additionally, the arrangements of classical pieces are tasteful and faithful to the original. They tend to avoid the oversimplification found in many other methods.
  5. The website ( has hundreds of pieces available at very reasonable prices. The Piano Pronto brand has a growing variety of composers who continuously publishing new music in different genres and at different levels of complexity. The website allows you to search and filter according to several different criteria, including what method book you are using.
  6. The web page for each method book includes one or more of the following items available for purchase:
    • Student Book
    • Power Pages
    • Teacher Books
    • Audio Tracks (CD, mp3 or midi)
  7. All the products are available as digital downloads, which allows you to print it home and/or view it on a computer or mobile device. Many items are also available to be shipped.
  8. The customer service is excellent.

Buying Piano Pronto Materials

Roadtrip! Outdoor Adventure

Roadtrip! To the Lake

Roadtrip! To the Farm

Roadtrip! Country Carnival

Keyboard Kickoff:


Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3

Movement 4

Movement 5




Chord Play/Pattern Play/Create First

I use Forrest Kinney’s materials to help develop improvising and chord reading.

Learn more about Create First!: An introductory Pattern Play series that introduces the materials of music (chords, scales, and intervals) in creative and musical ways.

Purrfect Practice/Technique Trainer

I think this series is very well done. It includes access to youtube videos that demonstrate the technique.

Technique Trainer 1: This book is an excellent reference book and manual for developing good technique.

Scales – the Purrfect Practice: a highly visual method of learning to master scales.